The perfect tandem for your living room.
In a convetional living room we are currently wasting many metres, as we are using only 65% of the living room and reserving the space of the dining table to use it only in case we have guests for dinner.
And if we don’t have enough chairs we do a medley with all that we find at home.

Croquis Salón convencional

With Fama now you can make the most of the most important room in your home, your living room:

You can enjoy a large comfortable sofa. With Mili&Lalo you will discover the comfort turned into chairs; you can have the perfect pack of 6 chairs and distribute them around the house according to your needs, for example, 2+1+1+2: in the living room, 2 in the kitchen, 1 in the bedroom as clothes hanger or just decorative and 1 as desk chair in another room.

Croquis Salón Fama Lover

The result is amazing, a revolutionary way of seeing the living room, much more practical and comfortable.

Perfect distribution to make the most of your living room. And in case you organize a dinner, look how easy it is to place your chairs Mili&lalo and lift the top of your Adaptable table. You will make the most of your table, since you can use it daily as a coffee table next to your sofa and modify its height when you need it.You will enjoy pleasant and infinite chats after lunch thanks to the comfort of your chairs.

Salón Fama Lover 

Concepto 2+1+1+2